Niagara Baits - Bait Harvester

Are you a bait dealer looking for strong and reliable Emerald Shiners to sell to eager fisherman? 

We are the new "Niagara Baits" and our specialty is Emerald Shiners. Our minnows come directly from the Niagara River under the Peace Bridge and are known to be strong, hard and durable fish. With our new holding facility we are able to hold.... gallons of healthy bait that will get us through the summer season. We catch our bait throughout the spring into summer to last us through the whole season. 

What does that mean for you? No more waiting for bait to be caught and no disappointing phone calls of no bait. We know the summer is your busy season and we want to keep you stocked and ready to sell healthy and happy minnows. Call today for more info! 519-765-2010

Servicing all VHS and VHS Free zones in Ontario.